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At  JIT Homes, We are dedicated to continuously improve our products and services to more than meet and fully satisfy our customers'needs and expectations, that's what we're all about.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry is supported by our involvement with lean thinking, Just-in-Time production, global supply chain management, and EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) responsibility.

We completely understand the needs of building hardware industry; especially the products of the shower hardware series,glass door hardware series,point-fixed fittings, sliding door systems and structural glass hardware. These series hold no secrets for our engineering team. Whatever your application needs, JIT will work with you to achieve your requirements.

At JIT, We have taken every means available to obtain an ultimate degree of confidence and trust from you, our customer. As your supplier, we work behind the scenes in many ways:
Responsive interaction:
Close contact to the market needs
Customize your products

Competitive prices and on-time delivery:
Constant reduce wastes by lean thinking, continuous improvement in quality, and achieve the cost reductions.
Professional planners to close monitoring of delivery schedule to eliminate the backlogs.  
Worry-free ordering

We are committed to our customer. Each individual at JIT is aware that they make a difference. Everyone is instilled with a sense of purpose and responsibility that is reflected on the products and services that we provide.


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